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Training Tips To Improve Optimal Point of Muscle Growth

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By : Dane Fletcher    99 or more times read
Submitted 2010-04-16 18:57:14
Pain in body building is of two types. There is that pain that results from muscle injuries. This type of pain is lethal to a body building program. It can stop the progress of mass accumulation ventures dead. It has ruined careers and caused untold suffering to many a body builders. Muscles are usually injured by overtraining where the muscle tissues are pushed beyond their recovery level. Muscle tears result and the pain builds up. If for example the body builder does not allow adequate rest and recovery period between intense workouts, the muscles accumulate injuries.

Such deep searing pain should be an indication of problems and it must be avoided at all costs if the body builder ever wants to taste success.

The second type of pain is the cost of growth, the cost of progress, the cost of growth and the cost of maximal muscle stimulation. This second type of pain is an indication that the body builder is operating at his or her optimal point and that the workout is effective in stimulating maximal mass gains. Body builders must learn to appreciate this second type of pain.

The pain dies not result from injuries; rather it comes from maximal muscle exhaustion and stimulation. This pain accrues when the body builder steps over what is comfortable to the field that his or her body is not comfortable with. As a result, the body initiates emergency growth stimuli to cater for the extra demands placed upon it by the extra workload. The body is usually very comfortable with an intensity level that a body builder has adopted for some time. But once this intensity level is amplified; the body is challenged, and pain results.

The only thing the body can do is to commission further growth of muscle mass and strength in a bid to adapt to the new intensity level. Once the growth is achieved the body becomes comfortable gain even with the new intensity. The body builder then intensifies further the intensity and the body becomes uncomfortable all over gain and the cycle continues. As such the body builder never allows the body to become comfortable for doing so is accepting the body to plateau in one stage of development or to become complacent to a certain level of mass.

The champion body builders never become complacent. They never let the body to become comfortable with the intensity level for they keep elevating the level of intensity in a bid to progressively stimulate the body to grow further. They in other words, operate within the pain zone perpetually. The 7always have their muscles aching after training to failure. Champion body builders never go to the gym to feel nice. Rather they go there and everything possible to invite pain.

They scout for pain. They welcome it into their muscles. They embrace it in the lifts, they careless it with the reps, they coerce it to remain with the successive sets, they endure it through the intensity, they appreciate it in moments of adequate rest and recovery and more importantly, they accept it as their constant companion. As long as the pain is there, these master body builders know that they are not getting complacent, that they are not in a plateaus, rather they are at the optimal point of growth stimulation.
Author Resource:- Dane Fletcher is the world-wide authority on bodybuilding and steroids. He has coached countless athletes all over the world. To read more of his work, please visit either or
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