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10 Reasons To Have A Massage

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By : Jeffery Nevil    99 or more times read
Submitted 2011-11-01 17:40:15
In the busy world we live in there is even more reason to look after our bodies and our mental health. That why there are ten reasons as to why you should get a back massage!

1. Pain relief: Many different muscle and joint pain can be eased and helped by massage. Massage increases blood flow to the muscles bringing new nutrients and oxygen to the different areas. It can reduce the pain in conditions such as RSI, arthritis, sciatica just to name a few!

2. Immunity boosting: The lymphatic system is one of our major defences to defend off infection and heal injuries. Lymphatic fluid carries bug fighting antibodies and white blood cells throughout our bodies. The lymphatic system does not have its own pump like our heart; it relies on movement and exercise to move the lymph fluid around our bodies. Massage is clinically proven to greatly assist with the circulation of lymph and blood circulation and help sustain our immunity!

3. Decrease anxiety and depression: Depression and anxiety are often treated with psychotherapy and medication; there are other treatment methods that can be used. Gentle massage combined with breathing techniques from a caring therapist has been shown to be very effective. Also aromatherapy using selected essential oils such as clary sage, bergamot and frankincense has also seen positive effects on people with anxiety.

4. Improves blood circulation: Fatigue, cold hands, feet and aching muscles can all be related to poor circulation. Different massage techniques can help separate muscles fibres and break down adhesions to help create a better blood flow through the individual muscles. This will help to deliver more oxygen and nutrition to tissue cells and eliminate metabolic waste.

5. Speeds up injury recovery time: After the acute healing period has completed, massage can be applied by a trained sports massage therapist. Using precise massage techniques to firstly move toxins and waste from the affected area and replacing it with new nutrient boosting blood. After time other techniques can be used to stretch out and manipulate scar tissue to minimise tight and shortness of muscles decreasing the chance of repeat injury.

6. Increases range of movement: There are many reasons why our flexibility may be restricted e.g. joint and skeletal restriction, scar tissue, adhesions in muscles and hyper tones muscles to name but a few. Sports massage can use massage techniques such as transverse frictions to help free muscle fibres and help stretch out the different limbs and muscles affected.

7. Insomnia: This condition affects everyone at some point in their lives! Lack of sleep effects every part of your life and can be a massive uphill battle that can sometimes result in anxiety and depression. Massage combined with aromatherapy has proven to have very good results helping to gain restful sleep. In the comfort of a client's home a mobile massage therapist can use soothing massage techniques combined with essential oils such as vetivert, clary sage and lavender to help induce sleep.

8. Improve posture: In this day we are working more hours than ever before. Whether it's desk work, manual handling or at home with the kids. No one's posture is really ever perfect! A good massage therapist will be able to identify obvious postural imbalances you may have. Massage can help correct different muscle imbalances through different manipulation and stretching techniques. Home stretching techniques combined with a change of lifestyle MUST be upheld to rebalance posture. Also if you have a more serious postural problem massage consultation can be the first step in referring you to another health professional such as an osteopath or physiotherapist.

9. Improve skin condition: Massage increases blood and lymphatic flow throughout the body. Cellulite affected areas really benefit from massage helping to break down the fatty tissues and drain the fluid to lymph drainage areas. Vigorous and stimulating massage techniques combined with body brushing leaves leg, bums and tums feeling considerably smoother. Also facial massage as well as being deeply relaxing is proven to help tighten facial muscles and plump out skin to give younger looking complexion. Effects can last up to 2 weeks and is chemical free!

10. YOU TIME! There is research to indicate that massage causes the body to release therapeutic chemicals. It increases relaxing dopamine and serotonin and reduces the stress hormones cortisol and adrenalin. In the busy world we live in it's even more reason to look after our bodies and our mental health. A massage is the perfect way to unwind and escape reality even if it's only for an hour or so....
Author Resource:- Jeffrey Nevil writes on a number of subjects including massage therapist brighton.
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