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Caring For Yourself Is Paramount To Caring About Others

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By : Matthew Meinck    99 or more times read
Submitted 2012-01-18 16:19:18
The problem in the human species occurs whenever we consider ourselves to the exclusion of or over and above another. In doing so we harm our self and the other, for whether we want it or not our own wellbeing rests equally upon the wellbeing of the other.

This is evident at the root of our existence, where each cell is dependent upon the one next to it for its survival and general wellbeing. No one cell is immune to the condition existing next to it. One person is not immune to the condition existing in the person next to them. Nor are the people in your life immune to the effects of your output, which is the result or emanation of your condition. Therefore, whether you realize it or not, you are responsible for the people around you by the very fact that you exist.

However, you can automatically fulfill that responsibility by making sure your condition, inside and out is conducive to the well-being of yourself and others.

You may say you do not wish to harm others, but if you haven't taken care to tend to your own harmed state then you, by your very existence are harmful! You may think you do not care that you harm others. If so, it is because you are so hurt yourself that it has consumed you; a personal state from which you form your own self based view of others. Your denial, dislike or hatred of your own state translates into your thoughts of others. But by harming others you accelerate your own degeneration.

You see the problem in our species is me, me, me. This 'me, me, me' is the result of hurt or pain causing fear within the individual. When hurt, our thinking operates in a self protective, self enclosing manner, then pain, projected onto others through blame, criticism, manipulation, attack and any other form of fear results.

Only from the parts of ourselves not hurt or damaged can we operate without bias, which enables equal consideration of our self and others to occur naturally. This state of mutual consideration or care is not a conscious or willful act of thought. It is the automatic function of those parts of us, which are not harmed. Desensitizing within and to others has not occurred, therefore we remain existential and fully functional, receptive to and responsive to others from the anatomical level. Only then are our mutual needs truly, naturally and effortlessly met and the need for 'me, me, me' is resolved.

The person you think you are is a mere copy of others.

We are not functioning correctly - sensitively because we are trapped in borrowed ideas of ourselves. No-one is themselves, but live as mere copies of one another. Therefore, there is a sense in most people of needing to improve or make more of themselves somehow. In such a world, where no-one understands themselves they reduce themselves to copying one another. Not only are our behaviors copied from others, but beliefs regarding every aspect of our existence are copied.

Our thinking is made up of all these beliefs and cultural behaviors which we impose upon ourselves, overriding and diminishing the sensitivity and intelligence of the body. Once desensitised by all this, we are able to hurt ourselves or one another, and without the sensitivity of the body we are oblivious to the damage we do.

So where is the original you?

You have to stop copying, be truly alone, not physically but inwardly, and let the original find itself within you. You may not notice when that occurs, for it is not an activity of thought, it is an activity of the body. There, in the body, lies your origin, your uniqueness. Through no activity or effort of thought can you come upon yourself. Of this I am certain.

Uncovering our individual sensitivity is a personal thing. It has nothing to do with the borrowed information making up your state of mind. It is purely physical and living. Mind or thought is a dead thing. In the flesh from where thought arises you hold distortions - pain - from the insensitive thought provoked acts and imposed beliefs of yourself or others. Again and again I point out, it is absolutely essential to feel these sensations, painful or otherwise, as they come and go within the body, within you.

The humans interest in what details or solutions thought has to offer is a mistake. This is where you are all going wrong. All distortions end only in the ongoing sensations of the flesh. These sensations we attack with labels from various beliefs, which keeps us from the depths of these raw sensations, of ourselves. Thereby you cause and sustain your own ignorance of yourself.

People have beliefs only to cover their pain and fear and to hide the fact of their personal ignorance. Drop all the beliefs and see where you are without these soothing, numbing explanations, there you have the truth of yourself. Uncertain as it may be, that is the truth of you and that is where being you begins.
Author Resource:- Matthew Meinck is an original thinker, an explorative ground-breaking natural health practitioner and educator, published author, meditation mentor, problem solver. New books by Matthew Meinck will be available online in 2012
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