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Great Exercises for the Obese Population

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By : Scott White    99 or more times read
Submitted 2009-03-31 20:55:38
One of the best ways to decrease obesity is with exercise. Unfortunately some people feel that exercising means joining a gym and experiencing grueling three-hour-long workout routines. Not true! Working out and getting in shape is a wonderful idea for anyone who wants to feel better, have more energy and live a healthier overall life style.

The best thing to do is consult a physician first, before starting any exercise routine. Then once you get the okay, explore some of the great exercises for the obese population. Start slowly, then try a few different things until you find the perfect exercises that are right for you.

Warm up first
No matter what exercise you take on, you never want to begin without warming up first. You can start by taking a few minutes to warm up your body. Roll your neck around, swing your arms or walk in place all to get your body ready. Then, do some light stretching, once you've warmed up first. Never stretch muscles without warming up first to prevent tearing.

Start walking
Beginning a walking routine is one of the best exercises for the obese population. You'll burn calories and build muscle all by taking one step at a time. Take 15 minutes to stroll in the park or walk around your neighborhood. As your stamina increases, you can also increase your walking distance. You'll have more energy, not to mention decrease you risk of disease and stroke.

It's simple to get started. You could call a friend and take a walk together. Better yet, there are plenty of workout DVDs that offer indoor walking programs. It doesn't matter if it's raining or snowing, you can walk inside your house, burn calories and lose weight.

Take a bike ride
If you thought getting out and riding a bike is kid stuff, then think again. Bicycling is one of the most wonderful exercises for the obese population. It's a cardio work out and a great leg toner. Again, like with walking, start slowly. Don't try to over exert yourself on your first ride. Get out and enjoy the weather while burning calories.

You could also get a stationary bike. It's just like a traditional bike, but you do it indoors. They're easy to use and convenient. You can peddle for a few minutes, while watching your favorite television program. Plus, if you aren't use to working out, using a stationary bike is a great way to get started and has very little impact on your joints.

Get in the water
Many people would be surprised to know the intense workout they could receive simply by getting in the water. Exercises like water aerobics include everything from jogging, jumping, kicking and even dancing. Also, since the water is a natural way to do resistance training, you can use a variety of joints and muscles all at the same time. Because of the buoyancy of water, you greatly decrease your risk of injury.

Make daily routines a workout
Transform a task you do everyday or every week into some form of a workout. For example, if you like to garden, get out in your lawn for a few minutes each day. You could burn calories, while doing something you enjoy. Things like washing a car, mopping floors or even vacuuming offers some time of exercise.

If you go to the store, park at the parking spot farthest away from the store. Or if you enter a building, maybe try to walk up a few flights of stairs instead of taking the elevator. You can start by walking up one flight, then increase the flights as you build your endurance.

No matter what you do, the biggest thing is to just get moving. With so many available exercises for the obese population, it's easy to get started. Exercising each day can significantly reduce health problems while adding to your quality of life.
Author Resource:- Scott White Personal Trainer and Bikini Competition NLP Certification
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