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  • Regulators Could Pass Bill to Close Loophole in FDA's Approval Process By:-Katie Kelley
    United States regulators have proposed a bill that would eliminate a loophole in the FDA medical device approval process that lets medical devices be approved for patient use before human testing is done. However, there are many who are against the bill, saying that the FDA already has enough authority to block medical devices from going to market.
  • Cataract Surgery is a Cinch: No Worries Needed By:-Xavier DelDuca
    Cataract surgery has come a long way in the past several decades. What used to be severely painful and require ample recovery time now is completed within a matter of minutes and causes little to no pain. If you're suffering from impaired vision, consider cataract surgery.
  • Cataract Surgery in Utah Planning for Retirement By:-Xavier DelDuca
    Cataracts are one of the leading causes of vision impairment for adults over the age of 60. Cataract surgery used to be an extremely painful procedure that required weeks of recovery time. However, modern day cataract surgery is a quick and simple solution to perfect vision.
  • Micropigmentation Supplies By:-Jeffery Nevil
    Micropigmentation is a new way to help deal with certain post treatments and procedures that could otherwise be invasive and uncomfortable. It can also be used for cosmetic enhancement for extra definition on the facial contours. But what do you need to deliver these types of actions? What are the ins and outs of micropigmentation? And why is it such a great concept?
  • 5 Ways To A More Attractive Smile With Cosmetic Dentistry By:-Mike Rollins
    Whether looking to boost our appearance for greater confidence to the opposite sex, for a social function or for greater self-esteem in the work place, cosmetic dentistry can dramatically alter ones smile for the better. Here are five ways a cosmetic dentist can turn a hesitant, self-conscious smile into a confident one others will admire.
  • Potential Causes Leading to Hip Replacement By:-Maria Gonzales
    A hip replacement is a procedure performed during surgery where one's hip joint is either partially or wholly replaced by a prosthetic implant. The procedure is done to relieve pain and increase flexibility and motion in a person's hip and increases everyday mobility.
  • Community-Acquired Pneumonia By:-Maria Gonzales
    Community-Acquired Pneumonia (CAP) is considered by practicing physicians to be one of the most common and deadly infectious diseases in the world. It is often acquired from inhalation or aspiration of bacterial pathogens, which is an agent or producer of disease.
  • Three Ways a Cosmetic Dentist Can Give You a Sexier Smile By:-Mike Rollins
    The cosmetic and fashion industries are ever-expanding, with new clothing styles, hair treatments and cosmetics making people look younger and sexier. A cosmetic dentist is unlike a regular dentist, and can help you recover your lost smile, or give you the smile you always wanted.
  • Pheromone - Science Behind Nature By:-Jason Myers
    Single and married individuals alike have discovered the benefits of wearing pheromones. Wearing pheromones is like giving Mother Nature a boost in helping send off signals to attract romantic interest.
  • Medical Tattooing And It's Applications For Patients By:-Jeffery Nevil
    The applications of medical tattooing are wide ranging. Tattoos may be applied to show warning signs of an allergic reaction in a patient. Those prone to attacks in which they may be unable to communicate their condition upon receiving medical attention may have a medical tattoo applied to inform people of such a condition.
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