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  • The Many Uses Of Aromatherapy And Essence Oils By:-alona Rudnitsky
    Scents and essence - what benefits do they give the body? In relation to aromatherapy, there are scents that relax the mind and the body. Used by the Greeks and the Egyptians dating back to ancient civilization, the gifts of herbs from Mother Nature has found many uses to alleviate stress and other disorders.
  • Aromatherapy For Stress Relief - How It Can Help By:-Carolyn Anderson
    We do encounter a lot of stress in our lives especially in these times that careers are getting more and more demanding and we are all pressured to stay employed, be successful in our chosen fields and strive to get out of debts. But how about aromatherapy for stress relief?
  • Aromatherapy Vaporizers and Their Many Uses By:-Fay Porinsky
    Aromatherapy vaporizers are used to freshen the air and dispense homeopathic medicines using essential oils. These natural plant extracts are pure and can be used for their mood altering, anti-bacterial, medicinal, and anti-septic properties.
  • Aromatherapy to Improve Your Memory By:-Fay Porinsky
    Stress, environmental factors, and sickness all limit the mind's ability to function and remember important details. By using essential oils in your vaporizer, you can relax your mind and body and improve the clarity of your memory.
  • Using Aromatherapy to Help You Sleep By:-Fay Porinsky
    Aromatherapy is a natural way to relieve stress, help you sleep more peacefully, and improve the ability to manage stress. Aromatherapy affects the Limbic system in our brain that controls our feelings.
  • Aromatherapy to Cope With Grief By:-Fay Porinsky
    Grief is a natural and painful emotion that can last for many years. Emotions spin out of control as you deal with your loss, anger and guilt. Aromatherapy provides a safe and effective way to aid in coping with these difficult emotions by allowing you to relax and focus more clearly.
  • Aromatherapy to Control Irritability By:-Fay Porinsky
    Vaporizing calms the nerves and helps you to relax without the side effects of medications and drugs. Essential oils are very potent, and just a few drops in your vaporizer can help you function more efficiently.
  • How Aromatherapy Improves Your Health By:-Fay Porinsky
    Aromatherapy has been used for centuries to heal and relax the body. Different herbs vaporize at temperatures between 130 to 190 degrees Celsius, and are native to different regions of the world.
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