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  • Teeth Whitening Information By:-John Chambers
    One can buy non prescription teeth whiteners in pharmacies today. Today, one can choose between going to the clinic and spend $500 dollars for dental whitening or do the treatment at home for only four and a half dollars.
  • Understanding the Purpose of the Retractor By:-Tommy Greene
    Retractors are medical tools used in a surgical setting to spread tissues apart or other obstructions, so that the surgeon can have access to a specific area. This article discusses the function and purposes of these tools.
  • Riding the Road to Scar Recovery By:-Christine Harrell
    For anyone who has learned to ride a bike, there is a great sense of pride for having accomplished the task. Unfortunately, anyone who has ever mastered the task has, at one point or another, learned the meaning of the word road rash, or road burn.
  • Pain Management - Stopping Pain At Its Source By:-seomul Evans
    Most people suffer from chronic pain, the most common of which are headaches, muscle pain, joint pain, and migraines. These recurring episodes of pain sometimes become too ordinary and familiar that some people tend to just routinely take in or apply the usual over-the-counter pain killer.
  • Going Under The Knife - The Aftermath By:-seomul Evans
    Surgery and pain always go hand-in-hand. That is why most people do surgery as a last resort. True enough, the anesthesiologist takes care of pain during surgery by applying anesthetics or by completely sedating the patient so that pain is never felt.
  • Prepping Up for a Vasectomy Reversal By:-seomul Evans
    Anyone who has been into one operation knows the feeling. Nervousness starts creeping into the system, questions keep on popping up and what-if statements often echo in the head. These are expected, and anyone waiting for a vasectomy reversal can surely experience this as well.
  • What Can Pediatric Allergists Do for Your Child? By:-Christine Harrell
    Anyone who suffers from allergies can vouch that a flare up can ruin even the prettiest of days. When children suffer from allergies and immunodeficiency complications it can take a toll on the quality of childhood, preventing outdoor activities and pets from being enjoyable.
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