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  • Nerve Entrapment Syndromes And Massage Therapy  By:  Ben Crabtree LMT CNMT  Views: 410469
    In my San Antonio, Texas based Massage Therapy and Bodywork practice I often treat men and women who are experiencing pain from various nerve entrapment syndromes. Like many painful conditions involving the body's soft tissues, nerve entrapment syndromes respond quite well to massage therapy and bodywork.

  • Alternative Cancer Cure Teatment Options are Gaining Popularity and Trust  By:  David Maillie  Views: 346306
    Current cancer treatments, cures, and methods of prevention you should know.

  • Invisalign Cosmetic Dental Braces are an Attractive and Painless Alternative to Metal Braces  By:  Beth Guide  Views: 172617
    Invisalign cosmetic dental braces offer an aesthetic alternative to traditional orthodontic treatments.

  • Losing Weight With Hypnosis Downloads  By:  Anna Stenning  Views: 80788
    This article discusses the author's experiences with hypnosis downloads and how they helped them foster a more positive mindset with food.

  • Sinus Infection Buster? Why You Should Not Use Oregano Oil for Sinus Infections - Nurse's Report  By:  Helen Hecker  Views: 57991
    Recently it seems more and more people are asking how to use of oregano oil for sinus infections.

  • Thoracic Outlet Syndrome And Massage Therapy  By:  Ben Crabtree LMT CNMT  Views: 48804
    In my San Antonio Massage Therapy and Bodywork practice I often treat pain from various syndromes including Thoracic Outlet Syndrome. Like many painful conditions Thoracic Outlet Syndrome responds very well to massage therapy and bodywork.

  • Clara Barton's Contribution to Nursing  By:  Tom Selwick  Views: 39181
    Clara Barton is one of the most influential nurses and women in history. Her contributions have had a big impact on the United States and its programs.

  • Does Meat Contain Hormones That Are Bad For Health?  By:  Dax Moy  Views: 30421
    Are you confident about the quality of meat that you consume? The use of hormones to increase the growth of the animals as well as to increase milk production is on the rise. Studies show that consumption of meat and dairy products containing residues of hormones have ill effects on the human body.

  • The Choice Between Mental Health and Cerebrovascular Health at Hospitals in Bangkok  By:  Gregory Smyth  Views: 30308
    The antipsychotic drugs used to treat schizophrenia and severe depression are potent compounds, and new evidence showing just how much of an effect they have on the body as a whole has emerged. Thai medical centers have issued a widespread warning to healthcare providers, after the body of evidence regarding antipsychotics and the risk of stroke was broadened recently.

  • The Facts About Nitrous Oxide  By:  Ronald Pedactor  Views: 28734
    Have you ever wondered just exactly it is that "laughing gas" is? Here it is explained in detail for your education.

  • Spinal Stenosis And Massage Therapy  By:  Ben Crabtree LMT CNMT  Views: 24628
    If you've been diagnosed with Spinal Stenosis you've probably been looking for effective ways to treat it and lessen your symptoms. Massage Therapy and Bodywork provided by a skilled Licensed Massage Therapist is effective in treating a wide range of issues. In my San Antonio, Texas based Massage and Bodywork practice I often treat clients experiencing pain from a number of painful conditions including Spinal Stenosis.

  • Cure for Yeast Infection from Natural Sources  By:  Aline Heller  Views: 21757
    The article suggests natural remedies for yeast infections. It highlights the healing powers of yogurt, garlic, apple cider vinegar, oil of oregano and water.

  • Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome And Massage Therapy  By:  Ben Crabtree LMT CNMT  Views: 21605
    Do you have foot pain or numbness? You could have a condition known as Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome. Massage Therapy and Bodywork are very effective in treating conditions arising from muscular and connective tissue abnormalities. In my San Antonio, Texas based Massage Therapy and Bodywork practice I often treat pain from various muscular and nerve entrapment syndromes including the supposedly rare Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome.

  • Signs of a Yeast Infection  By:  Dana Goldberg  Views: 21413
    Yeast infections occur in women when there is an imbalance of yeast in the vagina. About 75 percent of all women will experience at least one yeast infection in their lifetime. Yeast is a type of fungus that is always present in the vagina but when there is too much yeast it becomes a problem.

  • Piriformis Syndrome And Massage Therapy  By:  Ben Crabtree LMT CNMT  Views: 19951
    In my San Antonio, Texas based Massage Therapy and Bodywork practice I often treat pain from various syndromes including Piriformis Syndrome. Like many painful conditions Piriformis Syndrome responds quite well to massage therapy and bodywork.

  • Preventing Sinus Congestion During Massage  By:  Ben Crabtree LMT CNMT  Views: 19871
    Being a Massage Therapist I give a lot of massages to all sorts of people at my San Antonio, Texas practice. Like my clients I love to get a wonderful therapeutic massage as often as I can. However, like many other people I sometimes have a problem with sinus congestion while lying face down during the massage session.

  • Pronator Teres Syndrome And Massage Therapy  By:  Ben Crabtree LMT CNMT  Views: 18079
    Massage Therapy and Bodywork are very effective in treating muscular pain and related problems arising from muscular issues. For example, in my San Antonio, Texas based Massage Therapy and Bodywork practice I often treat pain from various nerve entrapment syndromes including the supposedly rare Pronator Teres Syndrome.

  • Five Common Types Of Massage  By:  Ben Crabtree LMT CNMT  Views: 16463
    Have you ever wanted to go for a massage therapy session but didn't know what type of massage to get? Massage therapy is a very diverse field of work and there are many types of massage to choose from that range from full-body stress relief to highly targeted methods that relieve muscular pain and dysfunction. Five of the most popular types of massage are Swedish massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Sports Massage, and Neuromuscular Therapy.

  • Diabetes is One of the Leading Causes of Death and Disability  By:  Anant Ratanakovit  Views: 15537
    Diabetes is a chronic medical condition,meaning that although it can be controlled,it lasts a lifetime. Diabetes prevalence has increased steadily in the last half of this century and will continue to rise. It is believed to be one of the main criterions for deaths worldwide,every year.

  • How Serious Must a Wound Be to Require Stitches Versus Simply Treating with Bandaging?  By:  Barbara Fisher  Views: 15390
    This is a discussion about wound care, and the criteria for deciding whether to close wounds with sutures or bandages.

  • The History Of The Gymnasium  By:  Jeffery Nevil  Views: 14828
    The gym is now a staple of modern life; every town will have at least one and a majority of the general population use or have used one. But what are the origins of the Gymnasium, how has it changed over time and how has it changed our lifestyle just as dramatically.

  • What Is Ortho-Bionomy?  By:  Ben Crabtree LMT CNMT  Views: 14821
    Have you been experiencing pain? Maybe you've got some low back pain, neck pain, or hip pain? How about chronic tension in muscles and joints? Would you like to be able to bend over to put on socks or shoes? Do you want to feel good again? If so, you might be ready to try a type of therapeutic bodywork called Ortho-Bionomy.

  • Anger Help for the Child : Importance of Parental Role Models and Lifestyle Changes  By:  Bianca Tora  Views: 14169
    Anger help is effective when we use lifestyle changes and responsible parental behavior to regulate the emotional temperatures of relationships within the family.

  • Muscle Building Benefits Of Steroids For Cancer Patients  By:  Dane Fletcher  Views: 12724
    Cancer is one of the most feared diseases in the world. Steroid use has been linked to cancer and many people are finding it difficult to engage in steroid use for the fear of such health complications.

  • Shape Ups From Skechers - Features and Benefits Of Shape Up Shoes  By:  Brad Long  Views: 12583
    Skechers are making some pretty big claims. Can shoes really help you burn more calories and tone your leg muscles. I think the jury still might be out on that one. However, no matter what they are definitely intriguing to learn more about that's for sure.

  • Shoulder Pre-Exhaust Workout Routines  By:  Dane Fletcher  Views: 11643
    Training the shoulders is important, but it is a body part that is often overlooked by bodybuilders. The reasons may vary. What solutions exist to solve this problem? How can shoulders be forced to take as much precedence as your showcase body parts? How can we quickly train shoulders effectively?

  • Body Odor, Diet and Traditional Chinese Medicine  By:  Richard Heft  Views: 11204
    Poor diet causes offensive body odor. Correct diet relieves it. Chronic body odor takes four to six months of good diet to cure.

  • How To Decrease The Swelling Of Your Belly After A Tummy Tuck  By:  Richard Bonn  Views: 10397
    During the post-surgery process, your belly will swell after having a tummy tuck. There are additional things that you can do on your own that can help decrease the swelling of your belly.

  • Pain Between The Shoulder Blades And Massage Therapy  By:  Ben Crabtree LMT CNMT  Views: 9810
    Pain between the shoulder blades, called Interscapular Pain, is never pleasant and can lead to frustration while trying to relieve it. Massage Therapy and Bodywork are very effective in treating Interscapular Pain arising from musculoskeletal issues. In my San Antonio, Texas based Massage Therapy and Bodywork practice I often treat Interscapular Pain. Like many painful conditions Interscapular Pain responds quite well to massage therapy and bodywork.

  • When Should You Get Massage Therapy?  By:  Ben Crabtree LMT CNMT  Views: 9799
    When should you get massage therapy or bodywork? The question comes up a lot more than you might think. People ask whether they should get massage therapy in the morning, afternoon, or the evening. They want to know if they should come in for massage therapy before they start hurting, or wait until their muscular pain is unbearable.

  • 11 Diet Tips For Gastritis  By:  Kevin Pederson  Views: 9552
    Diet Tips For Gastritis help to treat typical symptoms of gastritis include nausea, diarrhea, abdominal cramps, fever, poor appetite, general weakness and vomiting.

  • Subliminal Downloads - Help Comes In The Form of Subliminal Mp3  By:  Jenny Vidal  Views: 9430
    Do you have a smoking addiction? Are you overweight, and want to start looking and feeling better about yourself? Are you trying to get ready for that big game or important test, but need to have more concentration? Subliminal downloads could be the key, which we will talk about further.

  • Have You Got Depression Then Drugs Free Depression Therapy Is The Answer  By:  Steve smith  Views: 9251
    Treat your depression at home without any formal medication this is very profined way to deal with depression read on

  • Good Diet to Get Rid of Parasites  By:  Ryan English  Views: 9122
    Any living being in this world needs nutrition to live and this goes same in case of parasites too. A healthy intestinal tract is very important to prevent attacks by various microorganisms or pathogens. It is well known fact that parasites can be effectively prevented by taking high dosages of probiotics substances such as Lactobacillus acidophilus, bifidobacteria and L. bulgaricus.

  • Exercises from 8 Minute Abs  By:  Joe Maldonado  Views: 9010
    YouTube's 8 Minute Abs Workout is getting more and more popular with the fitness crowd. If you want to add an effective and simple abs workout to your routine, this one would be ideal. This is not a very long workout, and it doesn't require you to have any equipment either. You can do it in the privacy of your own home.

  • Natural Hemorrhoids Cures - Forget About Ointments And Creams, Natural Remedies Help Your Hemorrhoid  By:  Jack Harold  Views: 8577
    Are you are embarrassed when you want to scratch down there? Or having that burning, pain, swelling sensation or bleeding down there? Are you looking for solution fast but are embarrassed to say out?

  • Using Essential Oils In Your Vaporizer  By:  Fay Porinsky  Views: 8477
    Using your essential oils in your vaporizer is a great way to enjoy their therapeutic benefits. When the vaporizer is used, the oil is heated and dispelled into the air. The heat source may be an open flame, an electrical source, or a light bulb ring.

  • Playing With Animals: My Career as a Veterinary Technologist  By:  Caitlin Roberts  Views: 8440
    When you love animals, you don't have to just dream that you can spend all day with them. During my career as a vet tech, I get to do just that and more.

  • Incall Massage versus Outcall Massage  By:  Ben Crabtree LMT CNMT  Views: 8330
    In my San Antonio Massage and Bodywork practice I frequently receive calls from prospective clients who are unclear about the differences between incall massage sessions and outcall massage sessions. Some people, never having had a massage, have absolutely no idea what the terms incall and outcall mean.

  • Diabetics Do You Know Where Your Second Heart Is? Vital Info  By:  Peter Woronoff  Views: 8261
    Diabetes massage and the importance of massaging the lower legs and feet to prevent edema, pain & swelling while increasing circulation and promoting health in your feet. Very important info for diabetics.

  • Natural Treatments For Hyperthyroidism - Are They Effective?  By:  Ryan English  Views: 7884
    Hyperthyroidism is the condition in which, there is increased amount of the thyroid hormone in the body. This is generally due to over-activity of the thyroid gland in the human body. Thyroid gland is the gland that is situated at front side of the neck somewhere nearer to the voice-box.

  • New E-book Explains Why Cyber Bullying Is Potentially Harmful To Children  By:  Nicole Williams  Views: 7787
    Every parent of a child under the age of 18 would be well advised to read an e-book about cyber bullying.

  • Learn How Excercise is Beneficial To Immune System  By:  sajan elanthoor  Views: 7645
    Topics involving health and fitness, as well as dieting and nutrition, are always discussed and argued about. Facts about it change all the time with changing trends and new breakthroughs in medical research. The relationship between exercise and the immune system is one of these issues.

  • How To Deal With Swallowing Difficulties  By:  Jan Peterson  Views: 7445
    If you have dysphagia you often have problems swallowing solid food. This can be just some types of food, or all foods and all liquids, including your own saliva and medication

  • The Impact Of Pharmacogenetics In Pharmaceutical Industry  By:  Charles Godbout  Views: 7376
    Researchers who investigate the genetic variation of an individual and its reactions to medicines are hoping that the future medicines will be formulated with greater efficacy at a cost-effective rate, and with the least occurrence of serious adverse reactions.

  • Another Five Common Types Of Massage  By:  Ben Crabtree LMT CNMT  Views: 7308
    It seems as though there are hundreds of types of massage. Well, maybe not hundreds but there are quite a few. Have you wanted to go for a massage session but hesitated because you didn't know what type of massage to get? Massage can be used for all sorts of purposes and there are numerous techniques that range from deep relaxation to highly effective methods that relieve a wide range of muscular pains and dysfunction. Among the types of massage that are most popular are Lymphatic Drainage Massage, Myofascial Release, Head Massage, Acupressure, and Rolfing Structural Integration.

  • What Do American Heart Month and Valentine's Day Have in Common?  By:  Sandra Noble  Views: 7219
    Valentine's Day and the American Heart Month both take place in February. Valentine's Day is about love and relationships. American Heart Month is about combating heart disease. So what is common about these two events?

  • Wellbutrin: Pros and Cons  By:  Jim Pretin  Views: 7097
    Wellbutrin is a widely prescribed antidepressant, but there are potential side effects

  • Considering Retirement Communities For Our Beloved Elders  By:  Jonathon Manjiro  Views: 7085
    Enjoying the last days of life can be rather frustrating for someone who has been tagged as senile or unfit to work. Individuals ages 55 and up are alarmingly experiencing discrimination from the world they have loyally served for such a long time. Luckily they could retire in comfort. Retirement communities are made available as an alternative home for our helpless elders.

  • Assisted Living Options for the Elderly  By:  Leo Vidal  Views: 7076
    This is a discussion of assisted living options for elderly people either at home or in assisted living centers.

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