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Thank you for visiting my massage website and welcome to my guestbook. I appreciate your comments and look forward to reading them. The comments are moderated and won't appear on the site until I've checked them in order to prevent spam.

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Name: Wendi Scarborough
Website: none
Message: Ben has been the best therapist I've ever had. Ever since I was first introduced to him through an online offer I will only see him. His knowledge of anatomy is amazing. Where it hurts is usually not where the problem is and he has always shown and explained it to me so that I can do some self therapy at home in between visits. I've had three c-spine surgeries and I suffer from constant neck, shoulder and back pain. He is certified in this particular type of therapy and helps to keep me on my feet and enjoying life. USE him, you won't regret it. I promise!
Signed On: Sat Jun:23:2012

Name: Carolyn Johnson
Website: none
Message: I highly recommend Ben especially if you need to reprogram your muscles after sitting at a computer for over 20 years.. He's done more for my shoulders and back than any medical professional. I can't emphasize enough the difference it has made in my life now that I'm feeling great and not in pain. Thank you!
Signed On: Sun Jul:24:2011

Name: Marianne Greene
Website: none
Message: I found Massage by Ben through a groupon, which turned out to be a great experience. His massages are wonderful and I leave feeling energized and so much better. For a number of years, I had my massages at another place, but cancelled my appointments there after my first massage with Ben. He does great work. I also found out he is trained in Ortho Bionomy under Scot O'Shea, a Pain and Stress Management Spe-t in San Antonio. This specialty greatly contributes to the value of Ben's knowledge of pain and stress reduction. I will recommend Ben to family and friends.
Signed On: Sun Jul:11:2010

Name: Shelley B
Website: none
Message: Had an excellent experience at my first appointment with Ben and look forward to future massages. Thank You!
Signed On: Thu May:13:2010

Name: Jeanne Peterson
Website: none
Message: Hands down, one of the best massages I have ever had. I highly recommend to all considering massage services. Thank you, Ben!
Signed On: Wed May:12:2010

Name: Kendra Glassman
Website: none
Message: Ben is great! I always look forward to my appointments. I arrive hurt, stressed out, and tired and leave injury free, stress free, and refreshed!
Signed On: Thu Sep:03:2009

Name: Brenda Reinhard
Website: none
Message: I was facing surgery on my wrists due to carpal tunnel syndrome. My arms and hands would go totally numb and were at times useless. Ben's massage techniques and homework have restored the feeling in my arms and hands and I don't need the surgery. If that's not enough, I look forward to having a very relaxing massage from Ben as often as I can. I lived in Europe for three years and received many massages from professionals there. They CANNOT hold a candle to Ben!
Signed On: Sat Apr:11:2009

Name: Linda Salazar
Message: Ben is a massage genius! He made me a true believer in massage when I was training for the marathon. After his massage, I was able to run farther than ever before, and I felt great. During my pregnancies, regular massage kept me from having any back pain. In addition to his outstanding massage skills, Ben has a calm demeanor and soothing voice that instantly make me feel relaxed, even just over the phone making the appointment. I have recommended him to my family and friends and will continue to do so. Thanks, Ben.
Signed On: Fri Apr:10:2009

Name: Diana
Website: none
Since being rear ended in a car accident, and herniating 2 neck disks; and a further accident that dislocated ribs and damaged my hip - the best remedy I've found between doctors, chiropracters and Ben. He has been so incredibly thoughful, insightful and supportive in my healing, I only wish I knew about him sooner. THANK YOU for being so incredible at what you do.
Signed On: Thu Dec:04:2008

Name: Ben
Message: Welcome to my guestbook. I hope you like the site and that you like the massage therapy you receive at Massage By Ben.
Signed On: Sat Nov:01:2008

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