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Massage Rates

The rates for Massage Therapy and Bodywork vary according to the location of the massage session, type of massage, and the amount of time dedicated to the massage. Payment may be cash, local check with ID, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover Card, PayPal and more. See the payment methods accepted at Massage By Ben

Incall Massage    
30 Minute Massage $50
1 Hour Massage $80
1 1/2 Hour Massage $130
Massage Add-Ons    
CBD Lotion/Cream with EO's

Myofascial Cupping (One Area, No Added Time)

Aromatherapy Treatment (No Added Time)*
Outcall Massage    
Outcall 1 Hour $150  
Outcall 1 1/2 Hour $180  
Onsite Chair Massage    
1st Hour $130  
2nd Hour/Additional Hour $80  


Credit Cards Accepted

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