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For Your Safety

Because of the Corona Virus pandemic, many people have become more aware of the possibity of encountering an infectious pathogen like COVID-19. This heightened awareness has led people to wonder what measures I take as a Licensed Massage Therapist to ensure massage sessions occur in a sanitary environment. Well, there's a lot that goes on behind the scenes to safeguard your health that I've been doing during two decades of practice. In addition to my long-standing practices, I maintain certification for Bloodborne Pathogens and have completed additional course work in Preventing Disease Transmission in a Massage Practice.

HEALTH: The first step in protecting your health during massage therapy is making sure I'm healthy. In addition to eating well and exercising, I do monitor my health on a daily basis. Anytime I have any symptoms that might indicate I'm ill or contagious, I seek medical advice and care. I have excellent 24/7/365 access to telemedicine and in-person care. If my medical care team determines that I may have a contagious condition, I will cancel or reschedule appointments until it's safe to resume.

HAND WASHING: It's for my safety as well as yours. I wash my hands with soap and water for 20-30 seconds before and after every client. I wash my hands with soap and water before and after any meals, and after using the restroom. Yes, that means I wash my hands around 20 times during the work day...more if needed! I also have plenty of hand sanitizer available in the office, just in case.

MASSAGE TABLE: The massage table, including the face rest and its supports, is cleaned between each use using products that are both bactericidal and virucidal...exceeding the requirements in Texas' massage therapy regulations. Also, the face rest is covered with clean, specially fitted covers that are changed for every session..

LINENS: Fresh, clean linens are used for each massage therapy session. Clean linens are maintained in a clean, closed container prior to use, while used linens are maintained in a separate closed container. Used linens are removed from the office nightly to be laundered/sanitized.

LUBRICANTS: Lotions, creams and oils used during massage therapy sessions are maintained in closed containers to prevent contamination. Transfer from bulk containers to smaller containers is done in a non-contact manner.

CONTACT SURFACES: Surfaces you may come in contact with at my office are regulary sanitized/disinfected. This includes things like door knobs/handles, arm rests of chairs, clothing hangars, step stools, furniture, and more. Even the carpet in the treatment room receives treatment with a disinfectant regularly.

ATMOSPHERE: Good air circulation and a more humid environment tends to decrease the spread of viruses. Each treatment room is outfitted with an ultrasonic diffuser that increases the humidity of the room by vaporizing distilled water. Pure, natural essential oils are added to the diffuser to provide a relaxing aroma. As an additional potential benefit, the essential oils used are known to have germicidal properties.

SCHEDULING: Scheduling? Yes, the way I schedule you to come in for your massage therapy session plays a roll in reducing the spread of illness. Unlike spas and crowded massage establishments that have the massage therapist treating someone new with only 10 minutes between sessions, I tend to schedule sessions 30 minutes or more apart. The extra time allows me to perform cleaning and sanitation tasks, and makes it less likely you'll encounter another client upon arrival or departure...reducing the number of contacts.

TRASH: Trash cans in my office are emptied daily and the liner is replaced.

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