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Outcall Massage

Do you prefer to receive massage therapy in your San Antonio area Home, Office, or Hotel?

In my San Antonio Massage Therapy and Bodywork practice I offer Outcall Massage Therapy services to clients in the San Antonio area who prefer to receive therapeutic massage and bodywork at their own location. In other words, it's a housecall massage, or onsite massage.

Receiving Outcall Massage allows you to relax in your own environment without having to travel to the massage and then travel soon after the massage - the Massage Comes To You. So, you receive all of the benefits of massage therapy in your own familiar surroundings. The Massage Therapist brings everything needed including a comfortable massage table, linens, lotions, and relaxing music.

All types of therapeutic massage are available on an outcall basis. Styles include Swedish massage, Deep Tissue massage, Neuromuscular Therapy, Myofascial Release, Ortho-Bionomy, Sports massage, Medical massage, Pregnancy massage, and others. For more information about the massage therapy styles that might be used during an outcall session Click Here

San Antonio area Outcall Massage sessions are available Monday thru Friday 9am to 6pm. Same Day appointments for Outcall Massage are NOT available, please plan ahead. To schedule your Outcall Massage in San Antonio please call 210-269-3314

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