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Groupon Massage Special

Thank You for purchasing my Groupon offer! I've made this offer for two reasons. First, I wanted to allow new clients to try my services in an economical manner. Second, this is a 'Thank You' to my current clients who are greatly appreciated. I appreciate your purchase and look forward to providing you with outstanding massage therapy.

Groupon Q&A

Q. How many Groupons may I purchase and use?

A. You may purchase one for yourself each six months. Further, you may use/redeem ONLY one Groupon each six months even if additional Groupon vouchers are received as a gift. You may purchase this Groupon offer as a gift to others.

Q. When may I use my Groupon? When Can I make my Massage Appointment?

A. You can make your appointment as soon as you actually have your Groupon! Groupon purchasers can schedule appointments by telephone according to availability Monday thru Friday from 9am to 6pm each day, I am Closed On Saturday & Sunday. However, there are a few blackout dates that apply to everyone including Groupon purchasers.

Q. Is an appointment required?

A. Yes, an appointment is required. Appointments assure that you will have little or no wait time in the office prior to your massage. To make an appointment please CALL 210-269-3314 (NO TEXTING/EMAIL) please have a date and time in mind when you call and also have your Groupon number (under the barcode) available when you call. You must make your appointment by or text appointment requests are not accepted. Appointments & Cancelation

Q. What if I'm late for my massage appointment?

A. Please plan to arrive a few minutes early since there is some paperwork that you need to complete before your massage and your Groupon will need to be processed. If you are late you will receive only the amount of time remaining for your appointment.

Q. I didn't get to purchase the Groupon on the Groupon site, May I purchase it directly from you?

A. No. All initial purchases for the Groupon Massage Special must be done on the Groupon site.

Q. Is it hard to get an appointment? Are some times of day easier to get?

A. No, it's not hard to get an appointment if you're a little flexible. Some times and days are more in demand than others and are harder to get unless you plan ahead. For instance, appointments early in the morning before work and appointments right after work from 4pm to 5pm are very popular and are harder to get - you might have to schedule those times two weeks or more ahead.

Q. Can I get a Same-Day Massage Appointment?

A. No.

Q. I called for an appointment but just got your voicemail, now what?

A. I do try to answer all calls as they come in but I do not answer while I'm giving a massage. Please leave a message on the voicemail with your name and phone number, the best time to call, the best time & day for your massage, and Groupon barcode number. Calling 28 times in a 40 minute period like one person did without leaving a message will not help. Your call actually is important to me and I do return all calls in the order they are received.

Q. Do I need to bring my Groupon with me to the massage appointment?

A. Yes, you must bring your Groupon. You may bring the printed Groupon that has the barcode on it, or if you have the Groupon SmartPhone App you can bring your Groupon that way. The email notice that you've purchased a Groupon is NOT the actual Groupon and will be invalid for receiving services.

Q. Can I schedule two massages, one for me and one for a friend, back to back?

A. No.

Q. Can I divide the Groupon to get two shorter massage sessions?

A. No, the Groupon may not be divided into multiple massage sessions. Time not used is forfeited.

Q. Can I use multiple Groupons to get one longer session?

A. No, as it says on the Groupon you may only use one per visit.

Q. Can I use my Groupons for a couples massage?

A. No, I'm just one massage therapist. Couples massage is not available.

Q. I would prefer a female massage therapist to provide the massage, is that option available?

A. No, I'm an independant massage therapy practitioner with more than 20 years experience providing massage to both men and women and I'll be providing all massage sessions personally.

Q. May I use the Groupon for a massage session at my home, office, or hotel?

A. No. The Groupon offer is for in-office massage sessions only.

Q. I messed up and didn't use my Groupon from your offering and now it's expired, will you extend the expiration date?

A. No. The time to redeem the Groupon for the promotional value had a set duration that was clearly marked on the Groupon, but don't worry you don't lose your money. The Groupon you have will be honored for the amount you paid as a discount on a full priced massage after the expiration date.



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